In our last installment of this summer series—hey, school’s calling—we turn the spotlight on W’s special events and public relations intern. Meet Alexandra Cohen, 20, a marketing major at Tulane in New Orleans.


Don't you look nice
I always try to look as pulled-together as possible when I come to work, but it’s important for me to express myself with a standout accessory. Today I’m wearing a simple black top with silk pajama pants—and my favorite Hermès clic-clac “H” cuff.

From there to here
When I was growing up in Philadelphia, my grandmother was the person who inspired my fashion sensibilities—I remember her dressing me up in these beautiful lace outfits. Then in high school I traveled to London and Paris for the first time and realized that there was this whole other world to discover. I thought shopping was good in the States, but wow—in Europe, it’s seriously outstanding!

Early bird
My mom has always told me that you have to go after what you want. I knew I wanted to intern for Courtney [Dolan, W’s public relations director], so I contacted her very early on and flew out to New York in January just to interview for this summer internship. When I walked into the red lobby with the red-and-white-striped chairs and Lynn Hirschberg’s “Screen Tests” playing on the video screen behind them, the whole experience blew me away.

In a day’s work
Working with Courtney and Audra [Ascencio, W’s special events editor], I’ve come to realize that there’s a lot more to creating a fashion magazine than just photo shoots. Tracking the stories and the corresponding press generated by each issue has made me realize how the magazine’s history is held in such high esteem: People are still requesting W images from the 90s and aughts! I’m also helping to prepare for an upcoming Venice Film Festival event that the magazine is hosting by researching the films, actors, and popular attendees of the festival.

Current inspirations
Chanel ballet flats, Essie’s summer colors, brightly colored and cropped denim, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, Balenciaga, stacking bangles and bracelets.

All that drive and somewhere to go
My parents has always pushed for me to consider law school, and my response has always been, “Absolutely not.” Since starting this internship I’ve realized that my passion is in fashion PR and marketing. All I want is to love my job, and now I know that will be a very real possibility.

Photo: Jeanine Celeste Pang