Ali Wong and Randall Park’s Netflix Rom-Com Always Be My Maybe Trailer Features a Filthy Keanu Reeves Lines

Come for the laughs, stay for Keanu Reeves' “insane, freaky-ass sex.”

Always Be My Maybe
Ed Araquel / Netflix

Netflix is on a rom-com roll. After giving us Someone Great, Set It Up, and Noah Centineo in general, the streaming services’s next one on deck stars Ali Wong. By the look of the trailer, it’s going to be just as harmlessly entertaining as its predecessors, too. You get the whole plot of the film neatly laid out in the first look at Always Be My Maybe and the laugh-per-trailer ratio looks to be up there.

The film, which co-stars Randall Park of Fresh Off the Boat, is centered around Wong’s character Sasha, who has become a celebrity chef and restauranteur and the “asian Oprah,” as one of her family friends refers to her. Everything about her life seems perfect: her job, her home, and her hot fiancé played by Daniel Dae Kim of Lost. But all of a sudden that facade fades away when he breaks off their engagement, and Sasha is single all over again.

Enter Randall Park, who plays her best childhood friend Marcus. When Sasha moves to San Francisco from Los Angeles to open a restaurant, Marcus shows up at her front door accidentally with his dad, hired by Sasha to complete a home project. Things get awkward quickly, as Sasha and Marcus remember the last time they saw each other was when they hooked up, but they quickly fall back into their friendship as if no time has passed. “I guess I have to start dating again, huh,” she tells Marcus after she becomes single again, “Is there anything worse?”

Of course her perfect partner is right there in front of her. But Keanu Reeves comes across her radar first. The actor makes a wild appearance in the trailer as her PDA enthusiast companion who has some pretty filthy lines in the trailer. Sasha is all about his “insane, freaky-ass sex” though, much to Marcus’ disappointment. Will they end up together? Is this the beginning of Reeves’ renaissance? Could this be the best rom-com of the year? Time will soon tell, as the film is set to hit Netflix and select theaters on May 31. In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly monitoring Wong, Park, and Reeves’ press tour behind it.