You might not have heard the name Asher Levine yet, but chances are you've seen some of his clothes. The young designer has been making a splash creating custom garments for the likes of Dangerous Muse, Sam Sparro and, most notably, Lady Gaga. Remember that white "straightjacket" dress she wore through a Houston airport? That was his brainchild.

This past fashion week, Levine showed his second menswear collection - a quasi-goth, kind of grunge and very hip collection that calls to mind gothic icons Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester. We recently visited the self-proclaimed science geek's studio and were immediately struck by not only how nice he is but also the complexity of his pieces. Standouts included a motorcycle jacket which looks like snakeskin but is actually fish leather (made from hundreds of karp) and gauzy jersey pieces photo printed with the thorax of a lace bug at 25,000 magnification. By far the most interesting were his jumpsuits that could be unzipped different ways to transform into a number of different jacket versions -- 12 to be exact. "I want to give people their money's worth," he winked.

Check out his website for the latest collection and the inspirational videos he's made to accompany each season. Asher Levine is definitely a designer to keep an eye on!