At Altuzarra, Wet Hair and Dark Eyeshadow Are a Winning Look

Backstage at the designer’s Spring 2017 show, makeup artist Tom Pecheux and hairstylist Odile Gilbert reveal their trade secrets.

Backstage at Altuzarra’s Spring 2017 show, hairstylist Odile Gilbert embraced the sweltering heat outside and slicked back the models’ long hair so that they resembled mermaids having just emerged from the sea. “We wet the hair, we use creme de la creme all over,” she said in a Facebook Live interview with W’s Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy.

It was all part of an overall, summery look. “I think the thing that is important with wet hair is you want to have the contrast with the eye, which is very black but wet,” Gilbert continued.

In addition to creating a dark, smoky eye, makeup artist Tom Pecheux applied gold powder to the models’ foreheads in order to make it look as though they were sweating gold. The clothes, too, were clingy and fresh. Watch the full video, above, for more.