Destination: Rio de Janeiro

Amalia Spinardi

Amalia Spinardi. Photo courtesy of the designer.

What is your favorite beach?
Laranjeiras, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, which is breathtakingly beautiful, the water is almost transparent and the beach is very family-friendly.

What’s your secret tip for this destination?
There are many bike trails inside the Atlantic Forest that are definitely worth going to! Also, there is also a charming restaurant that I love in the old center of Paraty, a neighboring historical city about 30 minutes from Laranjeiras, called “Banana da Terra.” The food is authentic Brazilian.

How does it inspire your design process?
I go to the beach to relax and reenergize. Being stressed is not conducive to creating good work.

What are your favorite pieces to wear to the beach?
I bring a colorful printed towel, an Italian style tote bag from Muzungu Sisters to carry magazines, my iPad, and Heliocare oil-free sunblock. I wear a Beach Couture silk sarong (a Brazilian brand that we carry in the Jo De Mer store in São Paulo) and sunglasses from Italian Independent or classic Rayban Wayfarers. No sandals are needed because my beach house is a two-minute walk from the ocean front! I also carry an embroidered Jo de Mer beach pouch inside of the tote.