Five Minutes with Amanda Chantal Bacon

The chic founder of Los Angeles-based Moon Juice answers our pressing questions.

Amanda Chantal Bacon

Off-label beauty trick: I put ghee on my eyes. (I also eat ghee, which is clarified butter. I’m a huge advocate for fat) There’s actually a traditional Ayurvedic treatment that’s part of where they put ghee directly into your eye. It feels so wonderful. It’s also great for your eyelashes and your hands will love it, too. Throw your eye cream away.

5-minute beauty routine: I have a crazy Chi drink I made that’s warm and has Schizandra berry and The Pearl in it and a whole bunch of other elements that I just get into my body. I drink a green juice to alkalize my body. I wear 3 Well People lip balm, Mineral Fusion Mascara and Moon Juice x Odacite’s Clair de Lune rose water and aloe Revitalizing Mist, for dewiness. Their Radiance Serum also gives a great sheen.

Earliest beauty memory: My mom started throwing me into Betsey Johnson’s runway shows when I was four (she was Betsey Johnson’s partner). I don’t know if you remember Betsey’s shows from the Eighties, but they were insane. I’d have a flowerpot attached to my head with Barbie dolls or a tutu with spiders on it. Everyone was on drugs, and the hair and makeup people were like, “You sit still. We’re giving you tattoos!” My clearest memory is having cigarette smoke blown in my face and being afraid for my life.

Biggest beauty blunder: Many years ago, in high school, I started plucking my eyebrows J. Lo style. The look was all about the skinny eyebrow, but even as I did it, I remember thinking, “In the long run, this is probably not a good move.” It took years, but they came back.

What’s always in your purse: Le Labo Santal 33 purse spray. The scent was created by a very dear friend of mine, Thom Knoles.