Amber Le Bon, the model-rocker progeny of Yasmin and Simon Le Bon is—surprise, surprise!—something of a free spirit in the style department. She charmingly admits to a “really confused” take on dressing (translation, she loves trying out the full spectrum of fashion personalities) and idolizes Audrey Hepburn and Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane in Almost Famous in the same breath. Here our April It Girl, who recently had a brush with neon tipped hair, discusses her love of Alaia, her favorite crystal store and her very intricate style pet peeve.


Define your style in three words: Currently: Gothic, Rock, Hippy! Or in other words ... 'Just really confused'

Daily uniform: Lots of black; mainly long, floaty chiffon tops; sheer things and layers; leather jackets and Ray Bans.

Greatest hits: My mama's old vintage Azzedine Alaia belts and dresses, my pale peach Chanel bag with gold hardware, and an old sheer Prada dress with crystals on it.


Preferred footwear: Ankle boots, be it flat lace-up military style, orthopedic looking wedges, or heeled boots. I also love my Manolo sandals.

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Finishing touches: Jewelry! I adore jewelry. At the moment I'm wearing a great chunky silver necklace a lot.

Night-time look: It doesn't really change much from my daytime look, but I'll usually put on a smoky eye and some heels.

Best recent discovery: Buying lengths of plain chiffon fabric, and using them as belts, scarves, headbands, or bandeau tops underneath sheer shirts. They are very useful.


Favorite stores: Wild Ones, where I go to get all my crystals, it's the most calming shop ever. Vintage & Rare Guitars in London where someone literally has to drag me out.

Style pet peeve: When designs on t-shirts, skirts or dresses that look like they should be going all the way round just stop at the sides and don’t carry on round at the back. It drives me insane! I've been known to buy two of the same t-shirt or vest, cut down the seams, and re-sew the two fronts together.

Style icons: Audrey Hepburn, Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in the film Almost Famous, and my sisters Saffi and Tallulah.

Last purchase: Underwear and cupcakes.


Lusting after: Grey suede cage-like heels from Prada.

Favorite haunts: The Wellington club.

Spring must-have: The rounded wire framed Ray Bans.