Amy Adams May Actually Reprise Her Princess Role in an Enchanted Sequel

Finally, a sequel we want.


Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint when one goes from mere actor to major star, but that’s not the case with Amy Adams. She had her critical breakthrough with 2005’s indie hit Junebug, but shot to the A-List in 2007 with Disney’s Enchanted. She hasn’t come down since. She’s scored five Oscar nominations, worked with major directors like David O. Russell, Tom Ford, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Denis Villeneuve. She’s had scores of both critically acclaimed flicks and genuine box office successes. Heck, she’s our Lois Lane.

Yet, one thing curiously remains missing from her resumé: an Enchanted sequel. We all know how much Hollywood loves a sequel, and Enchanted seems like a perfect opportunity for one. It grossed $340.5 million worldwide and undoubtedly helped put it in the mind of Disney execs that live-action princess movies were viable pursuits. Indeed, reports that a sequel was being considered date all the way back to 2010, and there were reports that filming would have been began last summer. Obviously that didn’t come to pass, and time is something of an issue here. Adams’s Giselle character is supposed to be ageless after all.

Well, today, Adam Shankman, the director behind Hairspray who is linked to the Enchanted sequel, finally gave the world an update. He tells Entertainment Weekly that the sequel, currently titled Disenchanted, is still in the works and that the script should be finished any week now. After that, it would be on to writing the music.

“The fundamental story has changed a little bit, but not from the base story of it,” Shankman said of the long process. “It’s about Giselle 10 years later going, ‘What is happily ever after?’”

In case you need a plot recap: Adams stars as an animated princess who suddenly finds herself in a very real, very non-animated New York City and eventually spurs the fairytale prince and falls in love with a divorce lawyer, as one does.

Of course, when both script and music is written, the original stars—in addition to Adams, there is also James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey—would still have to be secured. Adams is quite busy. She has HBO miniseries Sharp Object (which, yes, is directed by Big Little Lies‘ Jean-Marc Vallée) and Dick Cheney biopic Backseat on the way in 2018. Still, it seems like she has room.

Interestingly, it would mark the first time Adams headlined a sequel. Indeed, the only other time she’s reprised a role on the big screen is through her commitment to the DC universe. Though, we wouldn’t necessarily mind a Julie & Julia sequel either.

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