Amy Poehler to Star In and Direct Netflix’s Wine Country and Live Her Best Life

The wine aficionado rounded up Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, and more for the Netflix project.

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At this point, the word wine is pretty much synonymous with Amy Poehler, thanks to her role on Parks and Recreation as one of TV’s most quotable partiers, Leslie Knope. Now it will be even more associated with the comedian: It has just been announced that Poehler will be making her directorial debut for Netflix with Wine Country, a comedy she also stars in alongside a dream cast that includes Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, and Emily Spivey, The Hollywood Reporter notes. Don’t worry, Poehler’s frequent comedy partner Tina Fey will also be onboard for an undefined featured role.

The film, which Poehler—along with her cohorts—has been working toward her whole career, follows the group of friends as they head to Napa Valley to ring in a 50th birthday. Leslie Knope would definitely approve, and, considering the script is being handled by Parks and Recreation (and Saturday Night Live) alum Spivey and is being produced by Parks and Recreation, Veep, and Seinfeld alum Morgan Sackett, it will likely be on-brand with the character’s sense of humor.

While a release date hasn’t been given, thankfully there are plenty of wine-relevant moments from Poehler’s and her costar’s archives that we can relive. For example, there’s “One time I accidentally drank an entire bottle of vinegar. I thought it was terrible wine,” as Knope said in the first season of Parks and Recreation.

Or, “I’m going to be direct and honest with you. I would like a glass of red wine and I’ll take the cheapest one you have because I can’t tell the difference,” as she later said.

The film will also likely add to the current archive of gratuitous shots of Poehler cradling drinks—or hyping them.

Who can forget the moment in Mean Girls, for instance, when she encouraged Regina and her friends to drink at home?

Poehler’s screen mate and real-life BFF Tina Fey has also bestowed the world with wine endorsements, such as the ones below.

As has Maya Rudolph.

And Rachel Dratch.

Wine Country can’t come soon enough.

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