Amy Seimetz: Generation W


Amy Seimetz wears a Louis Vuitton dress.

“One of my pet peeves is being described as an ingenue,” says the actress and filmmaker Amy Seimetz, 31, whose girl-next-door beauty means she’s often offered parts like the sweet, innocent girlfriend. “I prefer to do things that are a little more interesting,” she says. To that end, Seimetz has started to create her own stories. The stalwart indie film performer (2010’s Tiny Furniture, 2011’s The Off Hours) made her directorial debut in 2012 with Sun Don’t Shine, an atmospheric Southern noir that she wrote. Among the film’s fans is the cult auteur Shane Carruth, who cast her in his dazzling fantasia Upstream Color; and Steven Soderbergh declared publicly that he’d be interested in working with her. Seimetz also appears in the AMC series The Killing and in the upcoming horror thriller The Sacrament. But it’s her work as a filmmaker that has her poised to bring the lurid crime stories common to her home state of Florida to the big screen. “The heat down here makes people do crazy things,” she says.