Andrew, Miami’s Leading Skate Brand, Champions Its Hometown with Two New Collaborations

Who doesn’t love a nod to “There’s Something About Mary”?

Courtesy of Andrew

Andrew Miami is on the brink.

The young skate label—named for the 1992 storm, Hurricane Andrew, and in honor of South Florida’s resultant resilience in the face of natural havoc—has steadily been building its reputation beyond the Sunshine State.

In November, Andrew Miami cofounder Nick Katz opened Lot 11 on the northern edge of the city’s Downtown neighborhood. It was a project years in the making—and, officially, it is the city’s sole dedicated and recognized skate park. This past Paris Fashion Week, the company took a group of local skaters to explore the French capital (the timing was coincidental, however). And Virgil Abloh has been spotted deejaying in Andrew T-shirts.

This week, the line is dropping two brilliant new collaborations, both of which champion Andrew’s hometown in a moment when much of the world’s style-hungry eyes are turned toward Miami (given the annual Art Basel festivities).

The first is a link-up with Alltimers, a New York City–based outfit. Tees feature interpretations of visuals from 1998’s There’s Something About Mary, which takes place in the 305. One boasts a screen-print of Magda (one of the most fabulous fictional characters ever), reclined with a martini and cucumber slices over her eyes. Another cleverly takes the movie’s title font and spins it to read, “There’s Something About Miami.” Both will be released on December 7.

Courtesy of Andrew.

Courtesy of Andrew.

The other venture is a partnership with Versailles, the legendary Cuban bakery and restaurant on Calle Ocho, perhaps the city’s most famous eatery.

Courtesy of Julian Cousins for Andrew.

Andrew x Versailles has everything from tote bags and skate decks printed with Cubano sandwiches to baseball jerseys, replete with Cuban flag patches and “Calle 8” fabric cutouts sewn across the back. Priced between $40 and $160, all items will be available on the company’s website. Andrew is kicking off the drops with a party tonight at Versailles (with sponsorship from Veza Sur and Arizona Iced Tea).

All in all, both collabs offer the ultimate niche souvenirs if you’re in town for Basel, and are further proof that this crafty little label is one to watch.

Courtesy of Julian Cousins for Andrew.