Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt photographed by Steven Klein; W Magazine July 2005.

Every society needs their mythical heroes. The Greeks had their Olympian gods. Europeans had kings and queens for centuries. Modern America had Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They were the highest of Hollywood deities.

Their divorce, coming as it did during the midst of one of our worst and most dramatic years, was a collective shock to the system. Reports of a messy split did not help the situation. If Brad and Angelina can't make a marriage work, who can? If Brad and Angelina can't have an amicable divorce, who can?

Worry not. After an initial rough patch, the separating Pitt-Jolies are now reportedly at peace and talking again. The now private divorce proceedings are going ahead calmly.

A source, seemingly from the Pitt camp, tells People magazine that the pair is now talking directly with each other after initially only dealing with each other through lawyers. A move in January to enlist a private judge to deal with the matters of the divorce and custody has relieved tension and helped to keep details out of the public.

More importantly, Pitt is now seeing the couple's six children much more regularly than he did after the initial split.

“He’s much happier,” the source tells People. “He’s very relieved that things are not playing out in public anymore.”

“He is spending more time with the kids when they are in L.A.,” adds another source. “He has even spent some time with Maddox and Pax. Things are definitely calming down.”

The news comes about a month after Jolie told Good Morning America that Pitt was a “wonderful father," and that "We will always be a family, always."

So worry not folks, the proceedings seem to be going about as peacefully as one could expect.

Meanwhile, both parties seems to be taking the opportunity of their time alone to dive back into their passions and careers.

Pitt, already a well known art and design aficionado, has discovered a new interest in sculpting and has dived in head first. He now spends hours at a time in the studio of friend and artist Thomas Houseago according to The (sculpting is also reportedly the reason he missed the Oscars ceremony). (sculpting is also reportedly the reason he missed the Oscars ceremony).

No word on his sculpting methods or favored sculpting medium, though. We suppose some things should be kept private for the time being, like whether Pitt is more into carving, molding or modeling his pieces. Though, the Mail does add that he's been listening to a lot of Bon Iver while at work in the studio.

Jolie meanwhile has a lot of projects on the burner. She's the new face of a Guerlain scent, finding time to promote her latest directorial effort, dabbling in academics by giving college lectures in London, and weighing her return to the silver screen.

So everyone's fine. Brad is fine. Angelina is fine. The kids are fine. And we're all still fine.

Brad Pitt takes W's Screen Test: