Angelina Jolie Is Returning to the Thriller Genre With Those Who Wish Me Dead

Everything you need to know about her possible next movie Those Who Wish Me Dead.


Angelina Jolie‘s schedule is getting busier by the day. In addition to having Maleficent 2 on deck for 2020, the actress and humanitarian is returning to the genre she arguably does best: thrillers. Jolie is reportedly in final negotiations to star in Those Who Wish Me Dead, an upcoming adaptation of Michael Koryta’s 2014 book of the same name. It would be her first thriller since her 2010 efforts The Tourist and Salt.

Jolie’s role hasn’t been divulged, but it’s likely she will play Allison Serbin, who aids a 14-year-old boy’s unrelenting escape from two killers who committed a murder he witnessed. The character runs a wilderness survival program for troubled teens with her husband, Ethan Serbin, in which the main character, Jace Wilson, is enrolled with a new identity after seeing the crime. Meanwhile, there is a police hunt for the murderers as Wilson hides out in the Montana mountains.

The script is being penned by director and Oscar-nominated writer Taylor Sheridan, best known for Hell or High Water, Sicario, and the sequel Sicario: Day of the Soldado. No other names have been attached to the project yet.

While Jolie has Maleficent 2 and another fairy tale fantasy flick, Come Away, on her docket as well, she had taken a hiatus from acting since 2016’s Kung Fu Panda 3 and 2015’s By the Sea, her final role with her soon-to-be ex-husband Brad Pitt. She recently opened up about this period of time, telling Vanity Fair, “It’s just been the hardest time, and we’re just kind of coming up for air. [This house] is a big jump forward for us, and we’re all trying to do our best to heal our family.”

That has included working on domestic life, without compromising who she is as an individual. “I never woke up and thought, I really want to live a bold life. I just can’t do the other. It’s the same as I can’t make a casserole. I cannot sit still,” she explained, adding, “I’ve been trying for nine months to be really good at just being a homemaker and picking up dog poop and cleaning dishes and reading bedtime stories. And I’m getting better at all three. But now I need to get my boots on and go hang, take a trip.” Soon she will be doing that once again, in Montana’s wilderness.

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