Ansel Elgort Made a Music Video for People Who Really Love Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort sings! He dances! He broods on a rooftop! He does underwear-clad pushup! “Thief” really has all an Ansel Elgort fan could ever want.

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Image via Vevo

At just 22, Ansel Elgort has already carved out an enviable career for himself as a rising Hollywood star. The Manhatten native teased young hearts in two John Green novel adaptations, The Fault is in Our Stars and Paper Towns (alongside Cara Delevingne), and has a key part in the Sci-Fi Divergent franchise. Yet, young Elgort, the son of fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, has never been content to explore just one career.

Under the name Ansolo, he’s pursued a career as a DJ and producer that has taken him to the main stage of EDM festivals like Electric Zoo and Ultra. He’s also provided remixes of songs by the likes of Lana Del Rey and Zedd.

While his interest in music hasn’t been a secret, now he’s jumping out from behind the decks and going full pop star.

After signing a deal with Island Record, he quietly released his first teaser single, “Home Alone,” under his proper name last year. “Theif,” however, marks his proper music video debut, and what a music video debut it is.

Aside from singing, Elgort does a whole lot in this video that we haven’t seen him do much of before. In fact, he’s just doing a lot in general. There’s hardly a shot in the video that doesn’t include Elgort in frame.

Most notably is the fact we get to see Elgort dance. He does his best Michael Jackson-style moves in a loft room lit by ominous pink neon. Note the fancy footwork, you might want to emulate it at the club this weekend. Who knew he had such moves?

Ansel Elgort lovers also get to see him do pushups in his underwear, and so much more. He canoodles his real-life lady love Violetta Komyshan in the bathtub and then gently kisses her from behind in bed. He sits back and reflects while watching old movies. He puts on a black turtleneck. He broods some more on a rooftop. If you still haven’t looked enough at Elgort, you can also look at Elgort looking at himself shirtless in a mirror. So much Elgort!

Though, maybe the biggest lesson from the video is not to let your gaze linger on Elgort too long. Foolish is the one who falls for him. As he warns in the lyrics, it might not end well.

“Call me a thief, there’s been a robbery,” he sings in the chorus. “I left with her heart, tore it apart, made no apologies.”

Of course, people who just really like Ansel Elgort need no apologies for this music video.

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