Pretty, Pricey

The antiaging secret of the rich and famous.

Lancer the Method Body Nourish

Dermatologist Harold Lancer’s Beverly Hills office is practically a clubhouse for celebs trying to beat the clock. The cost of membership depends on how high maintenance you happen to be. Here, a breakdown, by budget, of what a year under the doctor’s care will run you.

$2,000 An initial consultation with Dr. Lancer to discuss skincare history and develop a personal antiaging plan, plus 11 shorter monthly follow-ups. Progress is tracked with a Visia clinical-level camera. Cost of products and any other interventions not included.

$10,000 Add on monthly Power Peels and stem cell/ oxygen treatments, during which skin is coated with Lancer’s vegan stem cell serum and then blasted with oxygen and LED light. Twice a year, Endymed, a machine that delivers radiofrequency through tiny needles, is used to relax wrinkles.

$20,000 Throw in biannual Ultherapy, to tighten skin on the face, and four radio-frequency body-contouring treatments to smooth and firm the stomach and backside.

$40,000 Up the ante with a round of Botox and Restylane injections, two sessions of full-body microdermabrasion, and a year’s worth of Lancer the Method products.

$52,000 Only one patient hit this mark in 2014. Her menu? Twice-monthly peels and facials, monthly Botox and filler, lasers on the face, neck, and chest, radiofrequency on the body, one session of Ultherapy on the face and body, and, of course, a steady supply of Lancer’s products.