Anya Taylor-Joy, W’s April cover star, is quickly becoming a beauty trendsetter, thanks to her adventurous looks. But while the 21 year old loves playing with daring hair colors and playful makeup on the red carpet, Taylor-Joy prefers to be makeup free when she's off duty. From her obsession with coconut water and leave-in conditioner, to her favorite avocado night cream and rose-infused face mask, here's the Split star's best beauty advice.

Your look in three words:

Natural. Happy. Free.

Medicine cabinet snapshot:

Not much! The more natural the products, the better. I love Neal's Yard, especially their rose collection and their avocado night cream, which feels butter soft and luxurious.

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A good hair day starts with:

My characters' hair colors have ranged from silver to jet black so I'm a FIRM believer in leave-in conditioners. I bounce between products, but always make sure to put one in. My favorite hair days are ones where I've been to bed with a wet bun--shake it out dry in the morning and voila! Effortless, soft waves 🙂

Makeup miracles:

Unless I'm working, I don't really wear makeup... I don't have the skill! The most I'll do is slick on some lipstick (deep purples or reds are my favorites) and whatever mascara my sister has in her cabinet.

Nails must be:

My two favorite colors are Essie's Wicked and Devil's Advocate.

Sheet mask or mud mask:

I love Neal's Yard Rose Mask. It makes your skin feel like a glowy rosy cloud.

Bronzer or blush:

Neither! A good pinch and you're ready to go 🙂

Beauty from the inside out:

I love soups and grains in the winter--so comforting and filling yet healthy. While I was shooting in Spain I also discovered my love of gazpacho--I would drink that all day, every day if I could!

Exercise obsession:

Just being active during the day! I try to walk to where I'm going if I have the time but otherwise... I truly believe that a good boogie a day keeps the doctor away.

Drink of choice:

Coconut water. After a plane ride or a night out, it's a savior!

Product that you borrow from the boys:

Cologne. Big sweaters. Oversized jackets. Button-down shirts as dresses. A lot .

Product that you picked up from the pros:

Pamela Pietzman, my witty and beautiful makeup artist on Split, introduced me to Dr. Hauschka's mini products--they are perfect for arriving bright eyed and bushy tailed after a flight. And my darling Natalie Eleni taught me the importance of an aromatherapy room spray as it instantly makes you feel more calm and comfortable.

A woman should smell like:

I've been mixing my own scents for a while--I love the combination of rose, black pepper, patchouli and a drop of sweet orange and sandlewood... Mmmm yum.

Spa-cation at:

Either the mountains or the ocean. The air in either is simply good for the soul.

In-tub must-read:

I love poetry--especially beat or from the romantics. Light some candles, throw on some jazz and add a generous amount of bubbles... Heaven.

Best advice from mom:

Don't let anyone touch your eyebrows or cut your cuticles.