Stylist and Russian Tatler Fashion Director Anya Ziourova knows how to make a sartorial statement, whether it’s dressing a celebrity like Diane Kruger or putting together her own, blog-friendly ensembles that have the likes of Tommy Ton snapping her every move. But it’s simplicity that really gets this girl going: classic Adidas kicks, the perfect brunch-time eggs and the best windows for her apartment. Read on for more Ziourova’s favorites—and follow her on Twitter @anyaziourova for even more tips on her stylish life.


Define your style in three words: Understated, chic, spontaneous.

Daily uniform: Something in black or stripes.

Greatest hits: Balenciaga biker jacket.

Preferred footwear: Stilettos or Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

Finishing touches: Gaia Repossi jewelry or Givenchy accessories.

Nighttime look: A mini dress, high heels and lip gloss.

Best recent discovery: Reviving my trips to the Metropolitan Opera.

Favorite stores: Dashwood bookstore on Bond Street, Celine boutiques all over the world. The store at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum is always fun!

Last purchase: New windows for my apartment. I love them!

Favorite haunts: On weekends, Mogador Café with its Middle Eastern eggs breakfast.

Spring must-haves: Lots of SPF 30! The sun is so deceiving. In the spring, you don’t expect to get a suntan, but actually you can end up with a burned nose and cheeks.