2. What were you working on when the photo was taken?
Sharpening my pencil.

3. What do you like the most about your working space?
I love my desk - used to be my dining table. It's a barn door from the late 1800's. I love the trees. I love the art that's up on the walls- pieces from Christopher Wray- Mccann, Andrew Zuckerman, Olivier Zahm, Cyril Mazard, Dustin Yellin. I feel at home.

4. What are your ideal conditions for creativity? Creativity is a constant condition regardless of environment. You can't shake it. My studio in the city is for creativity that involves more of the business side. It's where all the decisions are made. The designing is done far away from the noise of the city. Under a palm tree usually.

5. How many hours do you work at this desk on an average day?
Six to eight hours a day.

6. What are your favorite items on or around your desk?
A book by Wim Wenders called Once. A book of poetry by Leonard Cohen called Book of Longing. A Christie's catalog with one of my favorite William Eggleston photos on the cover.