Fashion Month has just kicked off, which means that fall is around the corner and, with it, an onslaught of new trends to parse through. Seven-year-old YouTube wunderkind Ava Ryan is here to help though, as daunting as that task may be. In fact, the seven-year-old almost makes it look easy as she breaks down her fall fashion advice.

"Hello, my name is Ava and I'm a boss lady," says the budding star, who has amassed over 600,000 followers on Instagram (on her mom's account, of course, since she's underage) with her sharp-witted takes on adulting and pop culture. "I have a crazy week because it's fashion week... I have no time to look at baby goats, it's like why?," says the self-described "half grownup, galf baby."

While she's known for playing characters like Charlene, the hot mess who routinely shows up eight hours late to brunch, her fashion stylist persona may be her funniest one yet. "I am so stressed out. Collin, bring me my pancakes," says Ryan from behind a desk. "I just love to smell them."

As for which trends she's behind, the color red is one of them. "Red is fierce," she says. "It's the color of pepperoni, and who doesn't love pizza?" Meanwhile, "Silver is the new gold," she says, while thumbing through a rack of shiny coats. "With this on you'll never be invisible at a party."

Outerwear is also big for fall, as Ryan explains, nodding to a trend championed by Rihanna and Kendall Jenner. "Puffers, it's one of my favorite looks of the season," she explains, pointing to two models in the Missy Elliott-indebted look. "I call them Michelin Man Chic. You look like a high fashion marshmallow." Another outerwear style Ryan is a fan of is oversized shaggy coats. "What's the point of living if you can't dress like a fabulous carpet?," she asks. "This is what I'm wearing when I'm eating a big pint of ice cream. Wait, I haven't ate ice cream in 17 years."

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As for Ryan's top trend of the season? "My favorite fall trend is feathers," she says. "Big Bird is the fashion icon of our time."

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