Odile Gilbert is the creator behind many of this week's beautiful hairstyles, including the ethereal and intricate creations at Jason Wu and The Row. We talked to her backstage at Thakoon, where she mixed matte waves with slick tops of heads.


Tell us about these waves.
This is a bit like Fortuny. Very slick and clean and wet at the top and more matte below. I used Kerastase Elixir Ultime and Kerastase Double Force Hairspray to get the shine and the hold.

We're seeing a lot of different looks so far this week.
There is not one trend because everyone has a different identity. Some people have wavy hair, some have smooth. Back in the 80's, there was one haircut that everyone had. It fit some people; on others, it was a disaster. It's important to only go with a trend that fits you. That's why it's good to have so many different ones.

How are you liking hair these days?
I always like blonde, but to be blonde is expensive. But I believe good colorists are paid well for a reason.

Well, what about women who go gray?
My favorite colored look is women with gray-white hair, like Carmen, Polly Melon, Linda Fargo. It's the only color we cannot create. I mean, we can do it, but it breaks the hair. For me, though, it's so chic. Once women get older, they should never go too dark, but lighter. Look at Anna.

What's your best advice for women with fine hair?
Treatment. Mask, conditioner, pills. I like Viviscal. But if you take pills, you have to take all the time for one year. Some people expect changes within a month or two. No, it's a long process.


How are you hair accessories doing?
My new hair pin is the same, but with one pearl on it—in small, medium and large, and the pearls are small, medium and large as well.