[#image: /photos/5853a2569c190ec57ac090a1]||||||Coral lipstick is tres tricky. If it’s too pale, it can make teeth look yellow, and if it’s not pared with proper accoutrements (i.e. flawless skin, simply lined eyes), it can easily age a woman by a few decades. But we’re totally digging the limited edition shade Chris & Tell from Lancome and here’s why: First of all, designer Chris Benz created it to go with his spring 2010 collection, and it does indeed pair perfectly with his khaki army jackets and vibrant polka dot prints. Second, though it’s thankfully not neon, this particular coral has a Day-Glo quality to it; as a result, it comes off as a spirited, modern and youthful. The bad news? It’s completely sold out—but we did manage to locate an unopened tube for auction on eBay!

Photo: WWD