When Jodie Patterson and Kiara Ellozy opened Georgia, their cozy Nolita boutique a year and a half ago, their mandate was simple: Sell what they believed were the best hair products. Georgia carries every line from Tresemme to Neil George and there's even a solo salon chair discreetly off to the side in the back.

[#image: /photos/58539b7157dfc3b0230f86a2]||||||I visited one recent evening and, while I was pleased to see that many of Jodie's and Kiara's favorites are the same as mine, what stopped me in my tracks was one of their private label skin care products. Georgia by G & Company's Gold Luxury Skin Cream has the consistency of whipped butter, so it's great for cold weather (I will pack it for the slopes, if I ever make it there). But being that I am admittedly more of a scent-obsessed than skin-obsessed beauty editor, what really made me swoon was its fragrance. I'm usually not a lemon-scent lover (the category reminds me dishwashing liquid and furniture polish), but this is lemongrass punched up with the greenery of eucalyptus, resulting in a scent so fresh and invigorating, I can't get enough. $30 for 8 oz,