SpaRitual Conditioning Lacquer Remover: Most nail polish removers reek of alcohol, but this formula smells like mandarin oranges and isn't harsh and drying. We keep the professional size version on hand at the office for frequent polish-testing sessions. $12 for a hefty 16-oz size, at

Philip B. Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo: The creamy, pearly blue formula leaves hair smelling like a walk through a pine forest and also happens to make a divine bubble bath. $8,


Nars shadow in Grenadine: For the 3.1 Phillip Lim spring show, makeup artist Ayako created a look inspired by the famous "Afghan girl" National Geographic photo using ruddy red shadow and smudged black and blue liner. While red shadow sounds like the least flattering thing you could put on your lids, when combined with dark liner, it's unexpectedly cool and dramatic.

Estee Lauder Private Collection solid perfumes: Packaged in stunning stone-enhanced cases, this solid perfume feels perfectly modern. $175, at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.


Colgate Wisp: We were at first skeptical, but we've since come around. The Wisp consists of a tiny disposable brush and a minty breath-freshening bead that requires no water. It's sort of a cross between a toothpaste and a breath mint and appeals to those (like us), who yearn for a discreet way to brush teeth after every meal. $8.49 for pack of 16, at drugstores.