Brooke Alpert, registered dietitian.

Alpert is intimately involved in her clients’ lives—so much so that she tracks not only what they eat but also with whom they eat. “It’s interesting how new relationships, new jobs and even breakups change the way you eat,” says the 28-year-old. Alpert, a former Vogue staffer and longtime equestrian, trained at Mount Sinai Hospital and works primarily with women in their 20s and 30s, many of whom are more likely to use their kitchens for shoe storage than for steaming vegetables. In order to guide her clients toward the healthiest restaurant options, she maintains an exhaustive knowledge of the Manhattan dining scene, from the names and numbers of the city’s top maître d’s (she calls them to find out which dishes can be prepared sans sauce and oil) to the specialties at local Chinese take-out joints. It’s good for business but tests her willpower: “I get hungry reading all those menus!”

New York, 646.943.0755,

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