Beauty Professionals: Corinne Scheitler

Corinne Scheitler, Stylist


Though Scheitler’s hair has been every color of the rainbow—including crayon purple—her clients are a more conservative bunch. Prior to Chicago charity fetes, local socialites seek out the 36-year-old stylist for her glamorous blowouts. When it comes to snipping, Scheitler says that, though the Windy City is a long-hair town, she’s into short cuts. “They have to be more personalized, because they frame the face,” she says. “You also have to take head shape into account.” Of course, personal style also matters, so Scheitler always checks out a first-time client’s accessories. “Shoes or a purse can tell you a lot about how adventurous someone is.”

Salon Buzz, Chicago, 312.943.5454, ext. 1

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