The modest waiting room at Berenice is always filled with chic Park Avenue types seeking laser hair removal and facials—and the lash extensions that are Suarez’s specialty. Her loyal clients (among them socialites Liz Cohen and Ginny Bond) happily fork over $550 for the 35 or so synthetic lashes she meticulously applies. “I like to have the lashes touch each other, so it looks not only like you’re wearing mascara but eyeliner too,” says Suarez, who, at 54, is a veteran aesthetician but added lash extension to her list of services only three years ago (she also does brows, permanent makeup and facials). Cohen revels in what she calls “the pure laziness” of not having to wear mascara. “And if you can manage to keep a lash when it falls into your bathroom sink,” she adds, “Lucero will put it back on, no charge.”

Berenice Electrolysis, New York, 212.355.7055

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