Beauty Professionals: Mike Viggue

Mike Viggue, Stylist


In 2005 a chance encounter led Viggue to pick up the shears. “I was hanging out at the salon where my friend worked, and a woman who was training hairstylists there said to me, ‘Here. Cut a straight line,’” says the 25-year-old native of Puyallup, Washington, laughing. He enrolled in beauty school the next day and has been Hershberger’s top assistant for the past two years. After the boss leaves, Viggue tends to his own clients, who range from magazine editors to buttoned-down attorneys. And while he’s adept at achieving Hershberger’s artfully tousled styles, Viggue insists he’s not just a shag guy. “That’s Sally’s thing,” he says. “I’m really digging long hair now, with a great natural wave.”

Sally Hershberger Downtown, New York, 212.206.8700

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