These days, every dermatologist and their secretary has their name on a skincare line. Most of these products are perfectly fine, but hardly deserving of adulation. Enter Dr. Harold Lancer, a Beverly Hills derm with a star-studded patient base (Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, Renee Zellweger and Kim Kardashian among them) whose line, LANCERx, is actually worth writing home about.


For one thing, Lancer has completely changed my mind about the order of operations for a daily skincare regimen. Instead of cleansing first and then exfoliating, he suggests doing the reverse. As he puts it, exfoliating is like breaking up a block of concrete (in this case, dead skin cells and dirt), and cleansing is akin to washing away the remaining debris.


His medium-harsh Natural Sea Mineral Polish balances pH levels and warms skin upon application, a delightful feature that has elicited much love at my home. And since this reporter is too chicken to try the lash-growing drug Latisse (The fear is a darkening of the eyelid, a harmless but aesthetically unattractive side effect that has been reported in some users), I've been using his eyelash enhancer, Lancer Lash, and seeing real improvement, with no nasty side effects.


LANCERx Dermatology, products from $30 to $125,