In "Honeymoon Hotel," the portfolio shot by Steven Klein, Bruce Willis appears in various compromising positions: with his ankles bound, his toenails sporting red polish in one photo; blindfolded and being led down a flight of stairs in nothing but skintight nude-hued briefs in another photo; cowering fearfully in black skivvies and red latex gloves in yet another.


Indeed, the original idea for the shoot wasn't nearly as risque as the final product. Explains Bruce, "When we were getting ready to do the shoot and we were talking about the concept, they said to me, 'We see you with a lot of clothes, a lot of layers.' And I said, 'Great!' And they said, 'Emma's going to be scantily clad,' and I said, 'As it should be!' And then we get there and Steven says, 'We're gonna change it up, we'll put Emma in a lot of clothes and we'll have you in less clothes.' And I went, 'I gotta get some weights!'"


Adds Emma, "We'd been going to dinner every day, drinking, enjoying not having to work out or think about the job or taking off our clothes on camera."

"Vanity dies hard," says Bruce with his trademark smirk. "It really does."

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