Bel Powley Is a Front-Row Star at Gucci

Bel Powley

Bel Powley in Gucci at the Gucci Cruise 2017 show in London, England, June 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Who: Bel Powley.

When: Thursday, June 2.

Where: The Gucci Cruise 2017 presentation at Westminster Abbey in London, England.

What: A Gucci Spring 2016 rose-colored lace suit with a sky-blue top.

Why: Alessandro Michele's whole schtick is over-the-top '70s glamour, and Powley embodies it to a T — the perfect look to occupy the front row of the brand's Cruise 2017 collection. The sheer insets of her wide-legged lace suit and the metallic bag give it a contemporary feel and the pussy-cat bow adds a touch of polish, while a peek of red in her shoes offsets the head-to-toe pastels.