Bella Hadid Is "Nervous But Excited" About Her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Debut

Photo by Molly SJ Lowe.

Out of all the models making their debut at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris, none have been more highly anticipated than supermodel Bella Hadid.

But Hadid isn't letting the pressure get to her. Instead, she's been focused on preparing for the moment non stop. "We've all been working our butts off for months now, working out every day, eating well, eating a lot of protein, to try to get in the best shape you possibly can but also staying super healthy," she said, while getting her hair and makeup done backstage at the Grand Palais before the show.

After months of preparation, the end is in sight. "I'm nervous, but excited. I just want to be down the runway already," she exclaimed. "We've been in Paris for three days now, and have just been anticipating and waiting for this moment. Now we're finally in hair and makeup!"

It helped that Bella's older sister Gigi Hadid made her debut last year, and was able to provide support. "She's my best friend and I can't believe we get to do this together," Hadid said of her older sister. "She knows she's my comfort blanket. Whenever I feel nervous I can go talk to her. I know she'll always give me her honest opinion."

Specifically, Gigi advised to, "Stay confident, and just work it," Bella said. "Once you're out there, let the adrenaline get you."

Hadid's also been picking up tips from the more seasoned Victoria's Secret angels, like Adriana Lima. "Adriana's opening one of my sections and she has the most powerful walk ever, so it's cool to be able to walk behind her, and I can kind of feed off of her energy. I'm just excited to really see her walk," Hadid said.

After the show, Hadid will celebrate the achievement with a big, extra cheesy burger. "We already have a reservation, and have ordered the food," she said. "We already have a plan."

Kendall Jenner, a close friend, was also looking forward to their celebratory meal. "I'm just excited to walk and eat a cheeseburger later," she said.

Watch Gigi Hadid teach a lesson in how to walk the runway: