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Bella Hadid Pulled a Tilda Swinton and Got in a Glass Box For Pop Magazine Cover

As iconic tastemaker Tom Haverford once said to legendary beauty Ann Perkins, "It's okay, sweetheart. You can't make art because you are art." And so it goes with model Bella Hadid, who posed for the cover of Pop magazine inside a display case. She's the exhibit!

On Saturday, Hadid shared behind-the-scenes pictures (and one video) from the shoot with fashion photographer Charlotte Wales and stylist Charlotte Collet on Instagram with the caption: "behind the scenes..of my 4th @thepopmag cover by the incredible!!!! @charlottemwales !!!!!!! Everybody!!!! This was one of my favorite days ever. The cover will be out Monday, but for now...❤️ (if u look closely you can see my protruding left fractured ankle😩🤣)" Ankle issue aside, it looks like she's having a lot of fun in there.

Some of the photos from the shoot (the series is apparently called "Goldfish Bella") are available via Pop's Instagram, and they do look pretty cool.

Seeing Hadid on display like that, we can't help but be reminded of Tilda Swinton's performance art piece The Maybe, which she performed in 1995 and 2013. During the performances, Swinton took hours-long naps inside a glass box on display at, most recently, MoMA in New York. There was no schedule of performances or artist statement; if a museumgoer happened upon a sleeping Swinton in a box, so much the better for them.

In these images, shot in Highbury Park, England, Hadid is wide awake, but still subject to the fascination of the public. Or, the public as depicted by other models in the shoot.

This cover story is in addition to the fall fashion issue covers shot and styled by Stevie Dance, with three versions of the cover released last week.

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