Going to the Benetton pop-up to buy a sweater is a bit like reading Playboy for the articles—it may be true, but you’re also in it to gawk. At what, exactly? Three life-sized wool-wrapped human forms engaged in various rather explicit acts of coupling. They’re part of artist Erik Ravelo’s “Lana Sutra,” originally exhibited at the Venice Biennale, and fittingly enough, Kamasutra actually translates to kama: pleasure, and sutra: a thread which unites.


And for those interested in knitwear of a less salacious nature, there is a kaleidoscopic array of sweaters, scarves, and accessories for sale, as well as a playful selection of yarn-covered everyday items (skateboards, tools, light bulbs) that will ultimately be auctioned off for charity.

The pop up runs through December and is located at 135 Crosby Street.

Photos: courtesy of Benetton