Marc Jacobs Beauty Instamarc Filtering Contour Powder

Marc Jacobs Beauty Instamarc Filtering Contour Powder, $49, sephora .com.

Remember how bad contouring makeup used to be? Two dark lines along the sides of the nose, reminiscent of a gender illusionist in a San Francisco bar? Stripes of brown shadowing (literally) a jawline? Thankfully, these new products are far more subtle. Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo has two blendable creams that emphasize bone structure and de-emphasize jowls. For an insta-eyelift, there’s Studio 10 I-Lift Longwear Liner in velvety Mocha or rich Pewter. At the other end of the pencil is a pale nude that when applied to the outer lower rim magically brightens the eye. Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Stick Trio includes a dark shade for contouring, a paler one for highlighting, and a bronze to transition between the two. Then there’s Marc Jacobs Beauty Instamarc Filtering Contour Powder. Dust the pale shade on your cheeks and nose, and the matte bronze along your jawline. But always tap the excess off the brush. With these babies, it’s all about a light touch.