Who we choose to follow on Instagram can perhaps say more about us than our own feeds.

Some of us follow thousands, keeping tabs on everyone we encounter, while others are super selective, treating their follower count more like a MySpace top eight. Back when Kanye West had an Instagram, for example, he only followed one person: Kim Kardashian. But have you ever taken a look at the select 107 people that Kim Kardashian is following? Recent additions include @90sanxiety, @virgomood, and hm... @selenagomez? A little late, but take from that what you will. (It should be noted that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd unfollowed Bella Hadid when they started dating.)

As for the rest of us, the task of deciding who to follow and not to follow also carries weight. Do you follow your ex? Do you make a fake account to follow his new girlfriend? It's a lot to think about.

To make these choices simpler, and help you sift through the 700 million accounts on Instagram, W recently launched a new Instagram account, Who's Who. And on Thursday night, Instagram's best and brightest showed up to celebrate its creation on the rooftop of the new Public hotel. We asked guests to share who they like to follow and why, and the results certainly said something, although we're not quite sure what yet.

Who: Chloe Wise, @chloewise_, artist

Who she's following: @mywinterfells.siberian_huskies

Why: "They literally make me cry."


Who: Rose Bertram, @rose_bertram, and Chanel Iman, @chaneliman, models

Who they're following: Each other and @theshaderoom

Why: "We love each other and we love shade."


Who: Tommy Dorfman, @tommy.dorfman, actor on 13 Reasons Why

Who he's following: @popculturediedin2009

Why: "Celebrities aren't messy anymore like Paris Hilton was."


Photo by Alex Hodor-Lee.

Who: Anajah Hamilton, @icecreameaterrr, dancer in Solange's “An Ode To”

Who she's following: @carlota_guerrero

Why: "I'm so inspired by her movements. And everyone is kinda naked."


Who: Lyn Slater, @iconaccidental, 63-year-old blogger dressed by Issey Miyake

Who she's following: @yajun_design

Why: "She's a genius designer."


Photo by Alex Hodor-Lee.

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