Beyoncé and Jay-Z Share Never-Before-Seen Intimate Photos in On the Run II Tour Book

The Knowles-Carter household is clothing-optional.

beyonce jayz new photos
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Maybe you’ve wished that you could be a fly on the wall in Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s home. You’d watch Blue Ivy deal with all the exhausting adults around her, coo over Sir and Rumi, and observe Bey and Jay’s post-Lemonade, post-4:44 interactions with each other. And now, thanks to some On the Run II tour merch, the Knowles-Carters themselves have made that last part come true. According to attendees’ social media posts, the artists are selling a booklet filled with sexy, previously unpublished photos of Bey and Jay.

As seen in photos fans have taken of the tour book and shared online, per HotNewHipHop, most of the snapshots Beyoncé and Jay-Z have shared are incredibly intimate. In one, the shirtless rapper smokes a cigar in bed while Beyoncé, wearing only a G-string, reads the newspaper next to him; in another, they lie in bed completely naked, holding onto each other to strategically cover up any censorable bits. Other, more clothed pics include one of Beyoncé looking back at the camera as she runs away through a field, wearing a mustard yellow crop top and matching pants and letting her long hair blow in the wind, and another of her sitting on her husband’s lap in a chair on the beach, with Bey wearing a lacy rainbow-colored suit and huge floppy red hat, and Jay sporting a coordinating red suit and dark sunglasses.

Elsewhere in the OTRII tour imagery, Bey and Jay, who tied the knot in New York City in April 2008, have shared photos of each of them holding two babies (who were later revealed not to be Sir and Rumi), as well as footage of what looks like a recent vow renewal ceremony. And with dozens of dates still left on the tour, there’s a good chance we’ll slowly but surely be given even more peeks inside the Knowles-Carters’ typically uber-private household.