As much as the rest of the Internet loves Ms. Tina Lawson’s Instagram, there’s one follower who isn’t as much of a fan of the jokes you’ll find on it: her daughter, Beyoncé

In a video uploaded to her Instagram page on Wednesday, Ms. Lawson shared some real talk about what her daughter really thinks of her “corny joke time” videos, which are a regular fixture on her feed.

“You know, Beyoncé was telling me the other day that I shouldn’t do corny jokes all the time,” Lawson explained. “But I told her that when you get my age, you gotta find your light. So if you find some good light, you’re supposed to take advantage of it. So yeah, I’ve done quite a few in one spot so I could have them, but it’s okay, I’m 63, what can I say.”

Clearly, Beyoncé got her confidence from her mama, who isn’t easily swayed by what her 20-time Grammy-award-winning daughter has to say about her social media habits.

Tina Knowles Lawson

Tina Lawson at Kris Jenner’s birthday party.

Sure, Lawson’s feed is ripe with hilarious mom jokes (“What did one toilet say to the other?” “Oh my god, are you OK? You look flushed!”), but it also has pictures of her casually hanging out at Kris Jenner’s birthday party and sitting front row at the Super Bowl. There are also plenty of proud pictures of her offspring: Beyoncé, Solange, and Baby Blue.

Tina Knowles Lawson

Tina Knowles at the Super Bowl.

Parents on Instagram can be super embarrassing (see: This photo of Kris Jenner and Paris Hilton for proof), but Ms. Lawson isn’t a regular mom—she’s a cool mom and has one million followers who would agree.

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