Courtesy Palomo Spain.

On Friday morning, Beyoncé revealed on Instagram her first post-pregnancy photo since giving birth to her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter. The image, taken by photographer Mason Poole, harkens to her original, and now-iconic announcement photo by the artist Awol Erizku, in which the superstar kneels in front of a floral arrangement wearing nothing but lingerie and a tulle veil.

All these same elements are present in the latest photograph—the newest editions, of course, being Sir and Rumi Carter themselves, who are around a month old at this point. But there's another interesting detail worth nothing: The ruffled floral dress Beyoncé wears is by the men's wear designer, Palomo Spain.

Founded by the 20-something-year-old Spanish designer, Alejandro Palomo, the brand made its first major debut at New York Fashion Week: Men's back in February, when its feminine Fall 2017 show, titled "Objecto Sexual," garnered attention from model Hari Nef, singer Troye Sivan, stylist Mel Ottenberg, and photographer Ryan McGinley.

Beyoncé's dress, though, is from the designer's third collection, "Boy Walks In an Exotic Forest," which featured plenty of romantic florals, billowing ruffles, and rich textures like velvet and feather fringe. According to an interview with Vogue, Palomo originally sent Beyoncé a sample of the vintage silk organza dress, and tailored it to her pre-pregnancy proportions when she placed a personal order for it. However, once Palomo saw that she was not only pregnant, but also having twins, he figured the dress would be shelved in the back of a closet somewhere. Such was not the case.

Everything Beyoncé does is done with intention, and wearing a dress by not only a men's wear designer, but also one who has embraced a queer, romantic sensibility with diverse runway shows, should come as no surprise. It's also fitting choice seeing that she carried both male and female bodies inside her own for nine months. So, there's a real "gender fluid," moment for you.

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Update: Below, W spoke with the designer, Alejandro Palomo, the day after the news dropped.

Where were you when you saw the photo and found out about it?
I think like everyone else in the world, I woke up Friday morning and the first thing we all do now is look at our phones. I had a message from my cousin, and all I saw was: ‘Palomo Spain?’ I was like, ‘What is this?’ And then I saw the photo and I said ‘Yes! Oh my god, yes!’ But I had just opened my eyes, so I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. I wasn’t told anything, so I was just as surprised as everyone else.

What does it mean to you to see someone like Beyoncé wearing your designs?
It makes me very proud. We did things in a very humble way from this small village in Spain; we never thought it was going to get any bigger. We all admire Beyoncé—I'm personally a fan—and I knew she'd gotten a few pieces a while ago, but I thought she was never going to wear them, or only wear them indoors, or she might not ever even see them. So, I was really surprised when she did. It means a lot for Palomo and the community that it represents.

Do you think there was a reason she chose a men's wear designer like Palomo Spain for a moment like this?
I'm sure the only thing she saw is that it's a beautiful piece of clothing. I'm not thinking about gender; it might be on a man because I like men, it's my universe, and I get inspired by men, but everyone can admire a good piece of clothing. When she saw it, she probably didn't even know it.

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