Blair Bohuny Fall Fashion

Louis Vuitton jacket, price upon request, select Louis Vuitton stores, 866.VUITTON. Louis Vuitton jeans, price upon request, select Louis Vuitton stores, 866.VUITTON. Louis Vuitton sweater, price upon request, select Louis Vuitton stores, 866.VUITTON.

Photographer: Justin Borbely
Stylist: Brylie Fowler

Blair Bohuny may share a few striking similarities with supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne, but the latter’s wild child ways aren’t one of them. Arriving to the set of her first photo shoot just two days after graduating high school, the #WmagModelSearch People’s Choice winner seems as poised as she is excited and as grateful as she is in awe. And her sugary-sweet façade doesn’t stop there. The 18-year old’s long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and, yes, those brows give her a mesmerizingly innocent look that lies somewhere between a young Susan Dey and a surrealist Tim Burton character. It’s these remarkable features—not to mention her six-foot-tall stature—that have prompted more than a few “Are you a model?” queries over the years, including one from a fashion VIP. In fact, the New Jersey native says one of the first came from from J. Crew’s President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons, who spotted her at 14 in Cape May and suggested she give it a shot. While she and her mother decided it was a bit too early then, the seed was planted and Bohuny jumped at the chance to enter the contest after seeing it on Instagram this year, scouring her surroundings for the perfect backdrop for entry photos and promoting her voting link on social media after becoming a finalist.

The point is, Bohuny doesn’t do anything half way. The newbie astutely cites designers like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for The Row and Karl Lagerfeld’s time at Chloe when asked for her favorites, and admits to practicing her poses alongside YouTube tutorials to prepare for the shoot. When it comes to her favorite models, instead of spouting off her obvious lookalike, Bohuny gives thoughtful insights as to why—from Joan Smalls (whom she admires for committing to her education) to Karlie Kloss (“I love how she’s really used her platform to give back to others with Karlie’s Kookies and by encouraging girls to embrace computer science."). The model shares Kloss’s charitable tendencies, mentioning philanthropic summer trips to Uganda and Costa Rica between discussing her favorite sports and complimenting all the other girls who entered the competition. As for what’s next, “My goal is just to work hard and see what comes from it,” she says. “I’m just excited to meet so many new talented, creative people whether it's the hair stylists or the photographers or designers, and also the travel of course. I've always loved to travel since I was younger, so I'm excited to visit some new places and just see the world." Whether her immediate travel plans take her to the Parisian catwalks or simply home from today’s photo shoot in Bushwick, it’s safe to say Blair Bohuny is going places.

Hair by Rudy Martins at L’Atelier NYC, makeup by Deanna Melluso at the Wall Group. Model: Blair Bohuny at IMG Models. Photography Assistants: Dougals Segars, Germano Chu. Fashion Assistant: Coco Campbell. Special thanks to SHIO Studios.