Bohemian Rhapsody

Relive the Summer of Love with these long, colorful necklaces.


Love beads, the lean and layered staple of free-spirited soul searchers, are being reinterpreted for a new generation. Consider Dean Harris’s fire opal creation and Mish New York’s strand of carnelians and citrines. Both play with Mother Nature’s most vivid shades, yet provide a more sophisticated alternative to flower-child fare. “Jewelry has gotten more refined since the Sixties,” says Mish Tworkowsi. “It’s less kooky.” Gioia and Irene Neuwirth proffer lush takes on purple—the former via raspberry spinel beads and the latter with delicate amethyst. Meanwhile, Mallary Marks’s two sapphire necklaces “capture the musicality of color,” she says. Clearly, a harmonious fit with any wardrobe.