Mary Steenburgen Confirms a Book Club Sequel Is Officially Happening

Because no one can get enough of Jane, Diane, Candice and Mary.

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David Becker/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

For all of the darkness in the world right now, one shining light has emerged: Book Club, the beloved film starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, is officially getting a sequel. Steenburgen confirmed the news today, much to the delight of septuagenarians and millennials alike.

While talking about her castmates, with whom she’d recently had a reunion at Keaton’s house “that Pinterest built,” Steenburgen shared that the film’s unexpected success has cemented a sequel. “I love them and I guess we’re doing Book Club 2, because the film was incredibly successful,” she told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM Radio channel Radio Andy. “It made so much money.…We’re kind of obsessed with each other, because none of us had ever worked together. There had been little meetings through the years between all of us. Our stories are so incredible. And I love it because I’m the baby of the group.”

While anyone who rushed to see Book Club knows that Keaton, Fonda, Bergen, and Steenburgen were enough of a draw, scripts aside, the ladies were up against a ridiculous amount of skepticism when they signed on to the project. “That this movie was made at all is a miracle,” Bergen told Time, to which Keaton replied, “A miracle.” The producers and writers Erin Simms and Bill Holderman ended up financing the film independently, on a shoestring budget that didn’t even allow for a full scope of costume design. (Some of the clothing came from the actress’ closets.)

Last fall, Keaton put hopes of a sequel into the atmosphere when talking about the friendship everyone had formed on set. “It would be nice if we could be really, if we could solidify our friendship,” she told the Hollywood News, adding, “Maybe if we had another, you know, another Book Club, you know, two, or something like that, then we’d have to be together again and that would be very nice. We’ll have to speak to Holderman about that. He’s got to get to work. He’s going to write another one right away, that idiot. And, and they’re bringing Erin on, too, because she’s a good writer. So I mean the both of them, so too bad for them. They’re stuck”—luckily for the rest of us.