The Book Club Cast Had a Reunion in Diane Keaton’s “Home That Pinterest Built”

We would give anything to be a fly on the wall at these things.

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Book Club, a wonderful 2018 film about the vagaries of age and the glory of green-screen technology, has the best cast of maybe any project ever (eat your heart out, Big Little Lies). The film brought together friends Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, and the world’s best Instagrammer (and big pants fan) Diane Keaton. The quartet frequently hang out together, and they blessedly tend to document the experiences for social media.

Last night, June 10, Fonda tweeted out a photo of the ladies at a dinner at Keaton’s home. “She calls it the home that Pinterest built,” Fonda wrote. “And it’s as unique as she is.” Bergen posted the same photo to her legendary Instagram, @bergenbags, writing, “Another Women of Book Club Reunion–this time at Ms Keaton’s astounding house which Jane had to bully her into. Diane put on a lovely dinner and we were dazzled by the genius of her home.” Steenburgen also shared the photo on Instagram, calling her friends “wise, funny, supportive, dreamy.”

Steenburgen wrote that she wished “we were filming these dinners cause they are so FUNNY.” Us, too!

Steenburgen’s Instagram seems to consist of a screenshot of her photo library rather than the actual photo itself. Delightful!

Did you remember that Bergen has a side hustle where she paints animals onto designer bags? Her Instagram is really a must-follow. The bio reads “Tired-ass Honky Ho.” What an icon.

And Steenburgen even shared Keaton’s “indescribably wonderful” place settings.

Keaton did not deign to post the photos herself, but her history with Pinterest is a storied one. She even penned an architecture book about her Los Angeles home, titled The House That Pinterest Built. The director Nancy Meyers introduced her to the design platform, and it was love at first sight. “I’m still in love with it; I’m still in love with Pinterest!” she told Architectural Digest in 2017. “To me, it’s soothing, because you’re also on a hunt. It leads to something else, and that leads to something else, and it just goes on and on. And that’s the light you want—the light from the computer. It just makes everything look better.”

The actress has had a passion for interior design since buying her first apartment in New York, at the age of 30. She kept a physical library of reference images for years, describing herself to AD as a “magazine tear-sheet addict.” Though she’s often associated with the breezy open-air designs of a Meyers set, her taste skews weirder (she calls it “junky”). “Nancy has incredible taste, but I’ve always been into old Spanish,” Keaton told the magazine. “I did a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright houses, but that’s a very different style than Nancy’s. I love Nancy, she means a lot to me. But I never did go in that direction. Only because of the houses I bought.”

There better be another photographed Book Club reunion soon! The last one was in April, and it included cocktail umbrellas.

But the ladies have yet to top their best social media post of all time. It is a photograph that will hopefully live on past the impending Anthropocene, a photograph that makes the heart twitch with joy, a photograph that deserves a kooky frame within Keaton’s Pinterested home: It’s the one from when they watched the eclipse together. Glorious.