The Four Seasons Restaurant’s Pool Room, normally a more sedate companion to its Grill Room power lunch scene, was transformed into a decadent nightclub Wednesday evening for a party celebrating Brian Atwood. A giant disco ball rotated above the room’s namesake central pool, DJ Mick Boogie had the music playing so loud that close-talking was the chosen mode of communication and the lighting was dark enough to provide anonymity for the celebrities who arrived (was that Heidi Klum I just bumped into? Oops!). Though it wasn’t quite dim enough to hide Atwood from a veritable receiving line, including Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe and Katie Lee, that had the white jacket-clad designer on his feet for most of the night in a quasi-VIP corner of the space. Atwood had plenty to toast, including an upcoming debut boutique in NYC (opening Sept 27th), an ecommerce website and a new campaign, whose video, part of a Sex is The Heel series and shot by Mert & Marcus, stars Candice Swanepoel rolling around suggestively in his shoes, often with two men as company. Naturally, upon entering the room, Paris Hilton managed to situate herself directly in front of the sixteen screens playing the film on a loop.

When Atwood managed to take a break from his well-wishers, he offered that he finds his footwear so tempting, he’s even given it a go himself.

“I tried them on, but it was my foot trying to get into a 37,” he said. “It didn’t really work and wasn’t really cute.”

Speaking of cute, a nearby gold medal winner Ryan Lochte was surrounded by adoring women. The athlete was in town acting as an E! News’s Fashion Week correspondent and though he admitted that he still feels more comfortable in a speedo than the suit he was sporting, his much chatted about apparel line is still in the works. Details, however, are sketchy.

“Right now it’s going to be, like, men’s, but eventually, I want to move over to women’s and men’s,” said Lochte.

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Will it be high designer? Contemporary? Anything?

“Yeah, it’s going to be dressy. You know what? It’s going to be a little of everything.”

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Photo: Shawn Brackbill