Perhaps it's all the mircogreens, locally sourced heirloom tomatoes and biodynamic, flax seed salads celebrities have been subsisting on these days, as a slew of high profile brides this summer have been opting for floral laurels and their more precious siblings, tiaras and coronets, in their walks down the aisle. At her Italian nuptials to racing driver Eugenio Amos, Margherita Missoni (above) crowned her braided updo' with a silver tiara of vaguely medieval style, while her bridesmaids wore daisy chains in their hair (Missoni slipped on the latter for the reception). Jewelry designer Pamela Love completed her Montauk-friendly wedding mane with a wreath of wildflowers. Jacquetta Wheeler secured her veil at her Moroccan-themed ceremony with an antique coronet. And last weekend, Natalie Portman accessorized her modest tea-length Rodarte dress with a delicate string of white blossoms around her forehead, like a modern day hippie.

They are not the first to go the laurel route. Kate Moss's darling bridesmaids were all bedecked with floral headbands, as were Princess Diana's flower girls. And even cinema has played tribute to such stylistic choices: witness Emily Blunt's herbaceous updo' in her wedding scene in The Young Victoria. I guess sometimes, it just isn't enough for him to put a ring on it.

Photos: Missoni: Splash News; Young Victoria: © Momentum Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection; Moss; Getty Images