Move Over, Models: Britney Spears Might Have the Best Runway Walk In the Game

Lately, Britney Spears has been flaunting all her new outfits on Instagram with choreographed runway routines. See them in all their glory, here.

After a decade in show-biz, it might be time for Britney Spears to finally get a modeling contract. The iconic pop star has always flaunted her dance moves, but recently, she’s taken to Instagram to show off her runway walk, which we never knew she had.

Two weeks ago, she posted her first video with the caption, “Just doing my own runway show,” and it’s since received close to 3 million views. In it, she struts down the carpeted hallway of her Las Vegas mansion wearing a strapless orange dress and black heels. At the end of the “runway” she does a little twirl, followed by a brief tango while sticking her tongue out. But wait, there’s more! The video then cuts to two different outfits—a Wednesday Adams-like black collared dress and a deep-v body-con dress—which she debuts to the soundtrack of Desiigner’s “Panda.” Each clip ends with her cocking her head sideways and smiling before disappearing off camera.

As with most of the posts on Britney Spears’s Instagram, these videos are bouncy, sassy, and full of life—the Britney we still know and love—yet they also have a head-scratching twinge to them. (Like, for example, when she posted a Minion meme with the caption: “Nope, can’t go to Hell! Satan still has that restraining order against me!”) Her walk is a bit too robotic, her smile looks like it was forced upon her at the dentist, and her Zoolander gaze is a little too serious. Maybe we’re reading too much into it, though. Maybe Britney Spears is just really excited about her new clothes.

Nevertheless, we can’t get enough of these runway videos, and each one deserves a closer analysis.

In her most recent runway video, Spears is back in Vegas with some new clothes and “Just had to play.” To the soundtrack of her 2016 single “Change Your Mind,” she reveals three outfits, all with a similar spring color palette. While her pirouettes are a little shaky with this one, she nails the timing—synching every hair flip and twirl with the beat—and stays serious and focused the whole time.

Scorecard: 8/10

This is definitely the sultriest video of the bunch, as Spears really takes her time here. She looks comfortable in her walk, and tries out a more advanced twirl-hair-flip. She also takes the opportunity to engage her fans with the caption: “Option one or option two?” We say both! Fittingly, the song she chose for the soundtrack is “Better” (2016).

Scorecard: 9/10

The caption for Spears’s second runway video is, “Another day, another runway,” but she’s clearly still getting the hang of it. You can see it on her face when she attempts the first twirl, exclaiming ‘oops!’ when she has to take multiple steps to make it 360-degrees. However, she walks to Beyoncé’s “Hold Up,” a perfect song to strut to, and mixes things up with cowgirl look instead of another bodycon dress. In sum, she looks like she’s having a great time, which we can’t argue with.

Scorecard: 6/10

By far the best runway video is actually Spears’s first. Like we said, it begins with her doing a quirky eye-roll-tongue-out tango (to no music, no less). Then cuts to her walking in an unusually dark babydoll dress to Desiigner’s “Panda.” And for her final look, she has an attitude that says: “Fine, I’ll do it.” She demonstrates her versatility and willingness to try new things, plus her taste in hip-hop. One of her commenters even asks, “Why isn’t she a model?”

Scorecard: 10/10

Bravo, Britney. Bravo.

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