Calvin Klein Eternity

Courtesy of Calvin Klein.

Beckham, Brooklyn
Lands his first magazine cover. Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time.

Bundchen, Gisele
Hit the runway in Brazil.

Calvin Klein
Saved money on the brand’s new fragrance campaign by reissuing Christy Turlington’s iconic 1995 ad with a slight text tweak. Crafty.

Campbell, Naomi
Is adding fashion designer to her extensive resume, but she’ll always be a music video vixen to us.

Jezebel developed a clever nickname for Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez’s relationship. Well, it’s no Bennifer.

Depp, Johnny
Revealed his engagement to Amber Heard with a sparkly engagement ring—his own.

Gabbana, Stefano
Says Victoria Beckham is not a fashion designer. No word on his thoughts on Brooklyn’s modeling career.

Jacobs, Marc
Cast his new ad campaign with the help of social media. Sets Miley Cyrus up to win again.

Kardashian, Kim
Tried to take a selfie with an elephant. Failed.

Kling, Elin
The chic Swedish stylist is launching a fashion line called Toteme. Has clearly come a long way since her collaboration with H&M.

N’yongo, Lupita
Was named the newest face of Lancome. Jane Larkworthy approved.

Puss Puss
The launch of a cat-themed style magazine has bloggers going wild.

Slater, Kelly
The surfer is in the works to launch a brand with Kerig. Nice, bro.

US Army
Really, really not a fan of naturally textured hair. Or trends.

Woodley, Shailene
Went barefoot in Berlin, still likes to eat clay. It all makes sense.