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Klein, Calvin Losing both its menswear and womenswear creative directors, Italo Zucchelli and Francisco Costa. There's one group in particular that will mourn Zucchelli's departure: the male models he discovered.

Primary, New York
The numbers are in: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came away with huge wins in Tuesday's presidential primary. Bernie Sanders is adamant that he'll remain in the race, but he's already returned home to Vermont ahead of the Pennsylvania primary.

Really doubling down on the whole merchandising gig — her third sock collection for Stance came to stores Wednesday. It's Rihanna, in a sock.

Pop's successor to Lorde has been doing it all herself — and that suits her just fine.

Vodka, Trump
When "Success, distilled," fails. A perfect post-primary read.

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Vuitton, Louis
Filed suit against a fried chicken shop in South Korea for using the brand to name one of its dishes (Louis Vuitton dak, where tondak means "whole chicken" in Korean) — and won. The chicken joint has been ordered to pony up $12,750 for using the Vuitton name without permission.

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