Cara Delevingne

Cecil and Cara Delevingne

Buzz Cuts
Are making a major comeback. Thank you, Comic-Con.

Campbell, Edie
The supermodel won a horseback riding race.

Delevingne, Cara
Wore a rabbit fur coat to Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental fundraiser. No one tell Cecil.

DiCaprio, Leonardo
Ignored Cara, wore cargo shorts.

Hale, Lucy
Collaborating with Hollister on a capsule collection. And that's no pretty little lie.

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To open a new shoe salon in New York. Get your credit cards ready.

Johansson, Scarlett
Dyed her hair yellow. Not blonde, yellow.

Kroes, Doutzen
Gave birth to a baby girl. Congrats, angel!

Keep getting fancier and fancier. Stay tuned for an Oscar-worthy pair next year.

The British chain was forced to remove a too skinny mannequin. Why didn’t they listen to La Perla?

Rousteing, Olivier
Claims that he loves it when Zara knocks off his designs for Balmain. Probably doesn’t mean it, really.

Sebba, Mark
The former Net-a-Porter CEO had quite the elaborate send off, which included a mariachi band and a gospel choir. Bon voyage!

Werbowy, Daria
Dons a Joan Jett-inspired wig for new Equipment ad, proves there’s more to fall 2014 than buzz cuts after all.

Zoo Jeans
A Japanese denim label is allowing dangerous animals—lions and tigers, but not bears—to design their new collection. Just keep them away from Cara.