[#image: /photos/585391a157dfc3b0230f8330]||||||Paris's beautiful people, long known for their ability to smoke and drink into the wee hours without incurring telltale wrinkles or extra pounds, have an unlikely new hot spot: the city's first "detox hotel." At the Gabriel, located in the Marais, guests can experience various treatments, including Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s new obsession, the Biooster Grog, an orange-and-herb beauty drink said to have a powerful detoxifying effect on the skin. But, fittingly for the City of Light, Hôtel Gabriel isn’t quite as pure as its clinical white decor suggests: It’s also become something of a hipster watering hole. “You can have whiskey at the bar,” says owner Jean-Pierre Marois, “and detox the next day.

Drink: Pulse/Corbis; Orange Slice: Imagemore Co., Ltd./Corbis; Rosemary: Valentyn Volkov/Alamy; Bruni-Sarkozy: Dominique Charriau/WireImage