Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony. Photo by

On Carmelo Anthony’s profile on Wine N’ Dine (a new app for sharing food and drink photos as well as recommendations), he’s posted numerous bottles of fancy-looking wines with the geotag: My house, Brooklyn. Turns out the NBA star is a self-taught wine connoisseur, hosting blind tastings in his free time and flying to vineyards around the world, including South Africa last year. “I have a bunch of wine mentors, but now, I can teach them. The student has become the master,” Anthony said Wednesday night while perched on a bar stool at Vaucluse, a new restaurant which Wine N’ Dine was toasting that evening. Other Winers and Diners included Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, who is friends with the app’s founders, artist Chloe Wise, and fashion designers Timo Weiland and Baja East’s John Targon. Chef Michael White served the mixed crowed a three-course, French-inspired feast and of course, every bite was well documented.